ReFlow Filament Goes Live on Kickstarter!

ReFlow Filament is a start up company created to export the recycled PET filament being produced by STIC Lab in Dar es Salaam to 3D printer enthusiasts worldwide. Built upon the success of the Tech for Trade extruder design, ReFlow is printing a better future for people in developing countries. Watch this video and contribute to their project on Kickstarter here.

Visit the Kickstarter and support our campaign: Reflow converts recyclable plastic into ethical, high-quality 3D print filament using open source technology. By sourcing the plastic and producing the filament in developing countries, we increase the income of waste pickers by up to 20 times. Our mission is to significantly improve the lives of over 150 million waste pickers worldwide who earn less than $1.50 a day and to create a global, socially responsible community