ReFab Dar is a pilot program to explore how plastic waste can power entrepreneurship using 3D printers in Tanzania.



Every day in Dar Es Salaam, 400 tonnes of plastic waste are not collected or recycled, contributing to a wasteful and unhealthy environment. This also presents a wasted opportunity for local income generation through recycling in the context of unprecedented youth boom with many young people facing unemployment. 


Increasingly affordable digital fabrication technologies are unlocking creative ways to address challenges like plastic waste. ReFab Dar tests the feasibility and scalability of turning plastic waste into filament that can be sold internationally and turned into products for local communities, offering new livelihoods for Tanzanian youth.


the community

During this pilot program, ReFab Dar will convene unconventional stakeholders to build practical skills on digital fabrication and entrepreneurship in order to better equip tomorrow's young men and women with the resources to thrive in a healthier, greener Dar Es Salaam.